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About us

The National Council of Women - Austria (NCW Austria, Bund Österreichischer Frauenvereine) was founded in 1902 by Marianne Hainisch and has a long and illustrious tradition. Some of its member organisations were founded already in the 19th century - the oldest in 1886 - and are still active. In 1905, NCW Austria joined the International Council of Women (ICW). NCW Austria is an umbrella organisation of Austrian women's associations: it is non-party political and non-aligned.

NCW-Austria is a member of

  • ICW - the International Council of Women
  • ECICW - the European Center of ICW
  • EWL - the European Women's Lobby.

ICW has Consultative Status General with the UN and ECICW with the Council of Europe.

A Chance to Participate by

  • sharing information
  • linking women's organisations locally and worldwide
  • raising awareness
  • researching issues of concern
  • promoting and encouraging women's participation in decision making
  • ensuring women's views are heard

How is NCW Austria funded?

NCW Austria finances its activities by means of subscription from member organisations and donations.
The work of NCW Austria is done by volunteers.

Marianne Hainisch
The NCW Austria - Austria's voice in the International Council of Women