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Consultation and action to empower women to work towards improving the quality of life for women, families and society, through a forum of member organisations.

Main objectives

  • to work towards equal rights and responsibilities and equality of opportunity for all people in all spheres of life
  • to promote human rights and eliminate all forms of discrimination
  • to promote measures to advance women's participation at all levels, especially in decision making positions
  • to raise awareness of women's contribution to society and the National Gross Product
  • to promote development
  • to work for peace and understanding among all peoples

How does NCW Austria achieve its aims

The Council

  • arranges seminars and lectures on topical issues
  • works out position papers and expert assessments on new or changing legislation
  • cooperates with Vienna based NGO Committees, Ministries and communities
  • works to meet the Beijing Platform for Action and the Plans of Action of ICW's Standing Committees
  • provides and spreads information about national and international women-relevant activities, trends and development
  • informs women on their rights
  • promotes cultural events
  • encourages networking among member organisations, NCW's and ICW's Standing Committees
  • watches the media, including the Internet
  • monitors the legal situation and the implementation of existing laws
  • promotes positive measures in order to support families